Information in English for food vendors

Information for food vendors at Hörby Market.

Vendors that sell, serve or handle food must bring written decision/confirmation of registration for a market-establishment from their home city.

If you do not have a registration for your market-establishment, you need to apply at Bygg & Miljö for a registration two weeks ahead of the time the current sales date.

The municipality of Hörby has personnel from Bygg & Miljö who carry out regular unannounced inspections of food vendors to verify that you have proper written decision and confirmation of registration. Should you fail to show your written decision and confirmation of registration, then you may ultimately have to close down your business until this has been resolved.

Each vendor/market-establishment shall have the following in place:

  • Registration decision and confirmation
  • Self-control program and a person responsible for the establishment

There is a separate toilet facility dedicated for food handling staff at the Market office in Ernst Ahlgren Park and in Nya torg. At the Market office there is also a shower dedicated for food handling staff. The key for the shower is available in the Market office. There is also drinking water available on tap at both the Nya Torg and the Market Office.

For more information, please contact:
Hörby Kommuns, Construction & Environment Department
Phone: 0415-37 83 10

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